Microsoft Lumia 640 - Get health and fitness info

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Get health and fitness info
Set and achieve your health and fitness goals. The Health & Fitness app helps you find useful

info, take time out for yourself, and keep on track with a healthy lifestyle.
Tap Health & Fitness.
Swipe to fitness, nutrition, or medical.
Find health and fitness tools

In today, tap a tracker or other item.
Track your workout

Tap Cardio Tracker > . To add info on a workout manually, tap Cardio exercise. Or, if you

want to let the app track your workout for you, tap GPS workout.

Tip: To sync the tracker info with the HealthVault service, go to https://, and sign up. The service is not available in all languages.

Track your diet

To add the food you just ate to Diet Tracker, tap Diet Tracker > , and search for the type

of food. Select the details, such as serving size, and tap .
You can see the calorie intake for the day in the Diet Tracker main view.

Tip: To change your Diet Tracker settings, such as your exercise level or diet goals, tap